Friday, April 1, 2011

plaid themed wedding

To be honest I am a really big fan of plaid clothes, I know traditionally people associated it with nerds and stuff but actually I think theres something quite pretty about it so far I have two plaid coats and I would love to get a plaid dress it seems quite different and unusual. So I have customed designed a plaid themed wedding. Obviously its very Scottish and I love the Scottish accent. I am not sure if I could Imagine me and my boyfriend getting married like this but without further ado... most of it is courtesy of this great website Bride Tide Blog


 Weird and insane



Bridesmaid dresses#

bag (to be honest I think this would be the most difficult part) It really depends what colour dress


For men
Too be honest I think a plaid themed wedding is not for me, although I think it would be quirky and red is definitely a lucky chinese colour. I just don't think I would be brave enough to go the whole distance.

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